About Me

I believe in a positive mindset. You know, everything happens for a reason – find something good in everything and every situation mentality, well, I am really good at it! I am also a major Empath.  I have worked 27 different jobs in my life allowing me to be a “Jenny of all trades.”  Some of these include car, insurance, annuity, and mortgage sales, technical roles, coaching, working with physically and mentally disabled children and adults and even dental assisting and building roofing trusses. However, the last 20 years of my career were focused in a corporate desk world where I helped numerous people get up, lose weight, feel better about themselves and find motivation.  

I love the beach, it’s where I find my peace and get reenergized.  I love to do non-traditional workouts and I also love to surround myself with people who energize me. I got married after the age of 40 to a hard working man that has diagnosed ADHD and is OCD so patience is my presence.  I was a single parent of a very active child from infancy until my child became an adult.  I also partially homeschooled my child who was enrolled in multiple competitive sports on a national level, so I understand busy and complex lifestyles as well as the importance of work/life balance. I have coached clients struggling with PTSD, grief, anxiety/depression, life changes, relocation, organization, relationships, including mentally abusive relationships, and health and wellness.  I tend to get frustrated in this industry with people who foster dependency instead of teaching or nurturing self reliance as well as people who don’t realize that everyone is unique and what works for one, doesn’t always work for others.  So that’s what I do.  I make sure my clients have the tools and information they need to go on to be self confident, self assured, and self reliant!

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Health & Wellness Certifications

Master Wellness Life Coach

A master level life coaching certification that establishes a strong foundation as a life coach by learning best practices, powerful communication techniques, and proven coaching processes and methodologies.

Life Purpose

Help clients live passionate and meaningful lives by discovering their greater life purpose! Develop talents / skills, finding meaning in past experiences, understanding their personality, and choosing a desirable career or path. 

Goal Success

Ability to coach clients through the 4-step framework to success achieving their goals. Includes understanding and knowing what clients want, instilling faith and belied that they can achieve it, creating a plan for success, and inspiring commitment and motivation to progress.


Provide clients with a blueprint for developing positive mindfulness and meditation practices to help with everyday life. Ability to create a 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge that includes over 50 mindfulness exercise and meditation options.

Health & Wellness Certifications

Diet Coach

Empower clients to set goals and develop their skills, practices, habits, and daily actions to stay motivated and achieve their goals. Applies to weight loss, weight gain, or creating healthier eating habits.

Health & Nutrition

Ability to create workout and nutrition plans based on client fitness, weight loss, and dieting & nutrition goals. Incorporates health and fitness theory, life coaching strategies, and the habit of change.

Ketogenic Diet & Ketosis

Help clients identify holdbacks and limiting beliefs while boosting self-esteem, self-image, and developing better spiritual connections to live a more fulfilling and abundant life.

Happiness Coach

Description is the same as life purpose on the website?